Sharon Stroup

Certified Health Coach

Sharon Stroup - Certified Health CoachMy name is Sharon Stroup, I’m 46 and married to my best friend Kevin. We have 3 grown sons, and just recently, 4 grandsons. I am very active in my church and it is through teaching my Sunday school class, that I learned my “gift” is encouraging others. After learning of that gift, things just started to fall into place for me to encourage others more and more.

I have enjoyed being in the healthcare field for over 20 years helping others regain their health. I have been with Tipton County Integrated Medicine since we opened over 3 years ago. I love encouraging others to accomplish their goal of a healthier happier life. It is my passion!

I discovered several years ago that I have very high cholesterol (hereditary). I didn’t want to take prescription medicines for the rest of my life so I changed my lifestyle, naturally lowering my cholesterol, and that opened the door for me to do this as my profession.

Again, I never knew that I had such a gift of encouraging and helping others until this program and I enjoy every single day of it. After helping with the weight loss program here for 2 years I felt like I needed more, I wasn’t helping enough. That’s when I found Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach program; I knew that it was my answer. I signed up and studied every day until I completed the program. I’m happy to say that I passed the final exam with flying colors. The program was so interesting to me that I soaked up all of the information like a sponge. I use that knowledge everyday to guide our patients here at Tipton County Integrated Medicine and I use the knowledge for myself and my family as well. It’s not just my job, it’s my career, it’s my passion, it is my gift.