Limiting Mindset #6

“I have too much to lose”

This is perhaps THE biggest LIMITING THOUGHT that prevents significant weight loss. This thought process is almost as bad as saying something like “I’m just a lost cause” …. “I’m too far gone … “It’s hopeless”. Well, we are here to tell you: It is NOT hopeless!

We’ve all heard the proverbial question:
How do you eat an elephant?

The answer is one bite at time.

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Limiting Mindset #5

“I’ve tried before. I can’t lose it!”

Here is a phrase that is commonly heard in our consultations with people interested and inquiring into our weight loss program. It’s a very common limiting thought. Yet, the simple (blunt) truth is this:

  • Maybe you’ve never really known HOW to do it … yet.
  • Maybe you don’t truly understand your metabolism … yet.
  • Maybe you’ve never had the proper support … yet.
  • Oh, and one more … Maybe you’ve never tried hard enough … yet?

Don’t take that last bullet point the wrong way and get upset or offended.
Don’t stop reading!

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Limiting Mindset #4

“My Problem is My Metabolism”

A lot of people say things likes …

  • “Oh it’s just my metabolism”
  • “I’ve got bad metabolism”
  • “My metabolism just stinks”
  • “My metabolism is GONE!”
  • “I guess I’m just meant to be fat”…

Well, ya know what: In many cases they are 100% correct. It IS their metabolism. But that’s not some unlucky curse! That’s not some death sentence. And, by the way, you are NOT meant to be fat!

Science shows that there are numerous things that CAN alter or slow your metabolism. Some examples?

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Limiting Mind Set #3:

“My ____________Loves Me Just the Way I Am”

This is another REALLY sensitive topic to address – especially as straightforward as we need to do it in this short blog format. But it’s one we hear often … and we think it gets dangerous and LIMITING to many people. So, let’s just go there. What people often say is:

“My Hubby …. My Wife … My Honey … My kids … My family … etc. etc. etc.
… Love me just the way I am”.

If this happens to be something you say, please listen up and realize we have the BEST of intentions. We have helped many, many people understand some perspective on this phrase.

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Limiting Mind Set #2: “It’s Not Serious Yet.”

“I realized that I was no longer a healthy fat person”.

Please, please realize this: there is NO such thing! Obesity IS a health condition. All health care practitioners use a diagnosis coding system known as ICD-10. It stands for the INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASE. A couple years ago the 10th edition was developed. This coding is the system ALL health care practitioners (and insurance companies) use to communicate in the same language about DISEASE and health conditions.

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